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UPTO3: Revolutionizing Web3 Event Tracking with AI and Ethereum

In the rapidly evolving world of Web3, staying updated with the latest events, airdrops, and news is crucial. But with the sheer volume of information out there, how can one ensure they don’t miss out on anything important? Enter UPTO3, a decentralized event knowledge graph protocol powered by AI and Ethereum.

What is UPTO3?

UPTO3 is a cutting-edge platform designed to help users save and track Web3 tweets, create timelines, and set reminders. Whether you’re a web3 developer, a cryptocurrency enthusiast, or a respected influencer, UPTO3 ensures you stay on top of every crucial update.

Key Features of UPTO3

  1. Save Events with Ease: Found an important tweet? Simply reply with ‘@upto3xyz save’, and the event gets saved instantly.
  2. Automated Timelines: With AI-driven structuring, events are logged by date, ensuring you never miss out on any updates.
  3. Validation Pool: Participate in event validation for unbiased data and rewards. (Coming Soon)
  4. NFT Integration: Mint event NFTs that are stored on the blockchain, preserving them forever. (Coming Soon)
  5. Open Data Access: UPTO3 believes in transparency, allowing public access to information and making data freely available to all. (Coming Soon)
  6. Topic Organization: Organize content based on different hotspots and categories. (Coming Soon)

Why UPTO3 Stands Out

UPTO3 is not just another event-tracking platform. It’s a vision to establish a protocol that enables consensus, recording, and dissemination of all human events. The platform aims to address the challenges of information asymmetry, validity, and timeliness by leveraging the power of blockchain and AI.

In the words of the UPTO3 Team:

“The accurate and transparent preservation of records is crucial to ensure that history is not lost or distorted over time. Our vision is to co-create an era of information that is open, liberated, and dependable.”


UPTO3 is setting new standards in the Web3 space by offering a comprehensive solution to track and organize events. With its user-friendly features and a vision to make information open and dependable, UPTO3 is undoubtedly a game-changer.

A visual representation of how UPTO3 works

Screenshot 2023 08 11 115133 Automated AI Entrepreneurship

Thought-Provoking Questions:

  • How can UPTO3 reshape the way we consume Web3 information?
  • With AI-driven structuring, how accurate can event timelines be?
  • As UPTO3 integrates more features like NFT and open data access, what new possibilities can users expect?

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